About House of Ahmed

House of Ahmed, in the time-span of only a few months has become the talk of the town with our premium yet intricate à la mode ethnic-wear pieces for men, women and kids. Due to using locally sourced materials as well as using the skills and craftsmanship of expert local artisans and Karigars. We believe in creating an organization that is centrally placed around our artisans. Our mission to empower local artisans means that every piece of cloth is fashioned by skilled workers who specialize in unique skills to add unique elements to our core designs to create something special for each of our clientele.

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Meet our Founder, Mr Ahmed Tuhin Reza

Introducing Mr. Ahmed Tuhin Reza! House of Ahmed’s charismatic Founder and Commercial director. Mr. Ahmed who has come from having a very strong corporate field to now becoming a self-made entrepreneur and premium designer, one might ask what was and is, his vision for House of Ahmed? He always humbly says “ My vision was simple. To establish the House of Ahmed as one of the best premium ethnic-wear brands, by creating something unique, never made before and more importantly locally hand-crafted, that ensured premium quality combined with style. To enforce more people to buy premium ethnic wear locally, and less from our competitive markets abroad. Every attire designed by both my wife and I, and beautifully handcrafted by our local artisans, working in a joint collaboration. In the end, that’s what House of Ahmed truly stands for, and I am delighted to be passionately and heartily working with our country’s finest artisans, to deliver the best of the best to my clients here and those abroad, seeking true Bangladeshi premium ethnic wear.

Meet our Co-founder, Mrs Tanzila Elma

Meet our Co-founder, Mrs Tanzila Elma of House of Ahmed! Mrs Elma, is compassionate towards promoting local artistry and is also very passionate about introducing new up and coming trending designs that combine to create something premium and elegant. She is a very critically acclaimed marketing strategist and has expanded and consolidated her back then start-up venture House of Ahmed into now a well-renowned premium ethnic wear label along with our founder and her husband, Mr Ahmed. She believes in catering to every demographic and types of clientele. While conversing Mrs Elma states that “The heart of our company is our Bangladeshi heritage and our skilled local artisans and craftsmen that truly bring in the essence of what House of Ahmed is truly about. We must always remember to uplift quality, passionately before all other factors, in everything that we do

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Empowering our Artisans, and Breaking Barriers

Here at House of Ahmed, we seek to challenge all kinds of norms and break barriers. Our mission statement is to “Preserve local artistry, craftsmanship and uplift and empower rural artisans”. Our artisans are also provided with sustained livelihood opportunities thereafter resulting in positive socio-economic impact. House of Ahmed also is leading the wave on women empowerment, with its “Women in Power” ethnic attire collection, dedicated towards working women. In addition, House of Ahmed’s philanthropic causes are endless, as we are currently in this global pandemic of Covid-19, House of Ahmed has successfully managed to provide 200 families in the garments and karigor sector affected by major SME business job turn-overs with groceries and necessities. Overall, House of Ahmed is proud to be working with employees and artisans, that have become our #HOAfamily and gives us their own essence and take of true Bangladeshi heritage and it’s stories, interwoven in the threads of every fabrics sewn, which makes every product delivered to you not only sentimental but also unique.

Our Headquarters

House of Ahmed in the year 2018, shifted it’s à la mode premium studio. The quaint yet regal studio is situated on Road 12, Block E, House 44, Delvistaa Building, Level 8, Banani, 1213. It is known for its gorgeous decor and inviting aura, that has been said to be charming by House of Ahmed’s loved clients.

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Free Shipping

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24/7 Support

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Payment Process

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